BM42 Falsely Advertised Dishonest Marketing of Benchmade

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BOYCOTT BENCHMADE and go to and file a TTAB hearing to get the BALI-SONG trademark revoked on the basis that it is generic and stop Benchmade from behaving in this immoral and corrupt fashion. Go to my website and click on the BOYCOTT BENCHMADE link and learn the disgusting and morally corrupt behavior that Benchmade condones. I urge anyone who is a knife collector, a knife seller, a knife lover, a knife wholesaler, a knife fan to file a TTAB Hearing against Benchmade.

Benchmade is attacking people's freedom of speech and attacking quality made US companies and behaving just as all the corporate monsters behave in the United States. Enough is enough with the corporations thinking they can take away civil liberties, the right to free speech, when they themselves are the most guilty of being ethically bankrupt and morally corrupt. Join in the BOYCOTT and support what is right, don't just sit on your ass about things because if we continue down this path of apathy nothing will be left.

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dude ive used benchmade my whole life and im in the millitary so you can shut up. they are great knives and one has never broken on me. dont believe this retard. you are probably are supposed to take it to a liscensed benchmade dealer to switch blade styles.
By noah jeppson 2 years ago