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    ~A Sister's Arrival~ Part 2

    Aracely Reyes

    by Aracely Reyes

    Atara, Malice, and Jacqueline have barley lived together for about a year when news comes that another sister is coming to join their ever growing family. But can they keep up with this constant growing? With displaced feelings, mysterious pasts, and an ever growing darkness that naturally surrounds the sisters. Can they truly comes together and support one another as a family, or will their combine sorrows drag them all into the abyss.

    This is my actual, new mini film titled "A Sister's Arrival" based on Bleeding Edge's Begoth Dolls and a PBM Express Designed Doll, produced by Bleeding Edge.

    This is a fan-based film. I did not create or produce any of the dolls featured in my film, nor do I claim ANY ownership to the copyrights. I simply bought the beautiful dolls and decided to make a movie about them.

    This film features the following music, also not owned by me:

    Intro - Meteora Linkin Park
    Track 17 from Final Fantasy X-2 Original Soundtrack
    One Last look- A Series of Unfortunate Events Original Soundtrack
    Sadame Destiny -X1999 Original Sound Track
    River Flows In You - First Love Yiruma