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    Takuchi Genryo vs Musashi


    by ashraf108

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    Can you cut down a fly ???

    Musashi meets his childhood hero Takuchi Genryo who was famous for cutting down a fly with his wakizashi while having his eyes closed.Takushi, having become an impoverished ronin wants to get employment in order to re_unify with his wife and kids who have left him due to his poor condition.Together they captured some smugglers and deliver them to a post of the local daimyo.While Musashi is famous for defeating the Yoshioka fencing school in Kyoto, the petty samurai at the post don't seem too much interested in Takuchi Genryo.They are rather interested in Musashi. Sine they both captured the smugglers, Musashi feels he has to play along in order to help his childhood hero gain employment.However, after some time, a messenger of the daimyo delivers the message, that only one person shall be employed. He adds, that the daimyo wants them to fight it out.......the following scene is on the eve of that day at dinner......

    A good classical samurai TV drama in 49 episodes.If you get the chance to watch it - do it.

    Unfortunatly during upload, dailymotion letterboxed the video which stretches it in an unnatural way, sorry for that....