Car driving simulator (ECA FAROS)


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High tech and powerful simulation technology for a safe and empowered driving.
EF-X Driving Simulator Cab
An innovative and full-equipped driving car.
Genuine parts and dashboard coming from the car manufacturer.
Left hand drive or right hand drive.
Adjustable seat, steering wheel, seat belt, rugged shifter and pedal assembly with force feedback.
Steering wheel with motorised force feedback.
Small-size driving cab.

EF-X Driving Simulator Software
Driver assessment (approved).
Initial training, setp 1 of the PNF (Vehicule Safety Program) in self-training (approved by the Department of the Transport).
Night driving module (50 mn in self training).
Emergency braking and safety distance module (total reaction time test and 2 seconds rule).
Risk observation module (40 situations).
Huge 3D database (more than 300km): city, country, highway and manoeuvring area.
Weather conditions and brightness: rain, snow, fog, daylight, dusk and night.
Several diverse traffics with more than 50 visible automate vehicles at the same time.
Pedestrian and animals.
Replay function with external view.
Printable reports.

EF-X Driving Simulator other compatible modules
Networking for civil and military missions
System for the selection and evaluation of drivers

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