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    Dr. George Tiller and his enemies

    An excerpt from the new movie, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" The recently-murdered Dr. Tiller of Wichita was a lightning rod for controversy because he was one of very few doctors in the U.S. who would perform third-trimester abortions. He was also a defiant foe of the Pro-Life movement. In 1991, protests at Tiller's clinic and others in WIchita mushroomed into a conservative takeover of Kansas' Republican Party. Viewing abortion as murder proved incredibly galvanizing in Wichita, motivating many people who'd never been involved in politics before. Tragically, the flip side of this worldview - any means may be justified to stop a mass-murderer - led to Tiller's shooting death on May 31, 2009. This act was widely condemned by activists on all sides of the abortion issue.