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    Congress Just Raised Your Tax Bill with HR 2454 !! 2/2

    Alex Jones

    by Alex Jones

    Alex also covers the latest news about the nightmare 'cap and tax' climate change bill and takes your calls. [[ OBAMA SAYS CLIMATE BILL JUST THE BEGINNING!! ]]

    President Obama on Friday said the global warming bill the House is debating today is only a start, not the end of efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions.

    The president, after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, also said he remains concerned about post-election violence in Iran, but did not go as far as Mrs. Merkel, who said the international community must help to identify victims who were beaten, arrested or killed by the Iranian government.

    And the president said that even with attacks growing ahead of Tuesdays deadline for U.S. troops to leave Iraqi cities, President Obama said the security situation there remains dramatically improved and the key problem is political reconciliation, not violence.