Mormon Poetry #16 Where’s The REAL LOVE, baby?

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Reid Baer
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By Reid Baer

She knocks
pounds incessantly
my long time Mormon neighbor
rather impatiently
upon my door opening
the screen
she thrusts
this chicken casserole into
my face but
not for free mind you
it’s more like it’s good for a future favor
I owe her now.
She’s just standing on my back porch
bundled tightly in a woolen coat
on this somewhat chilly day
chatting away
with no attempt to enter
my residence here where I am
it’s warm
she prefers rehearsing her
breezy condolences out there
for my father’s death his passing
passing on to me her apparent kindness
along with too many personal
questions about my recent lack
of church attendance
congenially obligating me
to account to her
or at least she’s trying
out on me
her own co-dependent
self indulgent
hook of
double binding

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Who luvs ya?!
By Reid Baer 5 years ago