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World Copyright Summit
9-10 June 2009, Ronald Reagan Center, Washington DC, USA

Focus session: The Re-Sale Right: a Universal Lesson

In the European Union and some other territories, visual artists now benefit from the re-sale right, which gives them a share of the resale value of their works. As the European Commission prepares to evaluate the legislation’s impact, a panel of specialists from visual arts societies, art galleries, auction houses, arts foundations and creators debate the pros and cons of the re-sale right. The debate will be preceded by a report about the impact of the re-sale right in the UK.

Moderator: Jason Edward Kaufman, Chief U.S. Correspondent, The Art Newspaper (USA)
Joanna Cave, Chief Executive, VISCOPY (Australia)
Theodore Feder, President, ARS (USA)
Christiane Ramonbordes, Managing Director, ADAGP (France)
Robert Scott, Director, William Scott Foundation & Archive (UK)
Frank Stella, painter and sculptor (USA)

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