From Monday On-Paul Whiteman Orchestra/Bix


by Lou

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From Monday On-Paul Whiteman Orchestra/Bix Beiderbecke on Victor 25368-B The Rythmn Boys on vocal.


I only have it on VHS I have a few others also. One with Clarence Hutchinrider playing great clarinet at 81.
Fatsfan I'm glad you did get together. I was going to ask you about that.
By phred001 5 years ago
Fats........great story. Thanks. Phred....any chance of ever uploading your Sudhalter video? I know that I definitely need a few lessons on how to do it. DM & YT name "bostonblakie" is a play on my location, the fictional detective, "Boston Blackie" and my name, Blake. Jack or bb is fine. I still have a turntable & the Sudhalter LPS are in a storage box down in my cellar. I was sorry to learn that he died. It all goes by fast.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
Bostonblakie (Jack?) - Dick Sudhalter lived in the UK 1965-75 and with 'His London Friends' made the recordings you describe. They're still available on cds titled: "After Awhile" and "With Pleasure". I became interested after I learned that a great friend from my schooldays, Jim Shepherd, played trombone on the records along with Keith Nichols (p) and the legendary John R.T. Davies (as). After more than twenty years of shared interest in jazz, I lost touch with Jim in the 60's but, thanks to friends on YT, we're together again, and making up for lost time.
By fatsfan71 5 years ago
There one and the same. I posted somewhere that I videoed a show he did at Malloy College in 1988 still have it. His death was very sad indeed. We lost a great one.
By phred001 5 years ago
Is "Sudhaulter" the cornet player who recreated segments of Whiteman's music book on stereo LPs in the 70s? He played the Bix part in the mostly English band that was put together in London, I think, to do the recordings. I had the two LPs that were issued here (with the famous Whiteman face on the label) and loved them. It was much more work to get 20s music then than now, with the Internet and all. I think he also wrote a biography of Bix that someone let me read. It was well written and even had the play-lists from the Old Gold radio broadcasts that, so far, no one has ever found recordings of. All that great "live" music apparently gone forever. Really sad.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
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