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    How To Get Anything For Free


    by MsBunny247


    Sign up for Rewards1 by clicking the link above. Sign up link is on the right hand side. Rewards1 is a site that allows users to complete surveys and earn points for rewards.

    You should first make a new email account to avoid spam on your real email account. Gmail or Yahoo work just fine. Register with Rewards1 using this email.

    Once you login, you must clear your cookies by going to Tools - Clear Private Data and making sure the check box beside cookies it selected. Press "Home" and you will have to login again. On the left menu, select "Available Offers", then select "Free"

    then select "View Only New Offers." This example uses THE FREE IQ TEST 0.25 point offer.

    This guide will work for other offers as well.

    You should NOT close popups as they appear, they are necessary to get credit.

    Under the email, get an email from You should use personal information matching what you signed up with Rewards1 so you get credited.