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Adam and Eve in the supermarket!

9 jaar geleden339 views



Eat fair, Beat hunger! http://www.fairfood.org

Fairfood is an international non-profit campaign and lobby organisation,
which encourages the food and beverage industry to make its supply chains more sustainable.
In this way Fairfood contributes to the fight against global hunger and poverty.

Hunger, a word used for a rumbling stomach before lunch, the gnawing feeling when trying to diet or the empty feeling after a night on the town. Our perception of hunger doesnt go much further than that. Its something different when you dont have a choice and the lack of food is a threat to your health and life expectancy. A large part of the world hunger is caused by unfairness in food.

This is the fourth time that Fairfood organises a film competition. Fairfood wants this competition to give shape to her message: eat fair, beat hunger!

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Adam and Eve in the supermarket!
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