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    J.S.Bach "OB." "Christe, du Lamm Gottes" BWV 619

    Gilberto C Guarino

    por Gilberto C Guarino

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    Gilberto Guarino plays Bach."Chrsite, du Lamm Gottes".(TEMPERAMENT: Werckmeister III/A=4430.
    According to Stinson ("BACH - The Orgelbüchlein", pp. 129-31, 1999, Oxford University Press), this is the last Chorale of the middle “Orgelbüchlein” compilation. It starts in F major and ends in G major, "constituting the most extreme example of modal shift in The Orgelbüchlein" (Op. cit., p. 129/30).
    There is a three-bar “introduction”, followed by a canon at th fifth, with all the parts entering in descending order.
    Though being the shortest chorale tune in the famous collection, it demands no little musical attention from the listener as well, in order to be grasped in all its simplicity and subtle beauty.