J.S.Bach - "OB." "Nun komm der Heiden Heiland" BWV 599

Gilberto C Guarino
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Gilberto Guarino plays "Orgelbüchlein" #01 "Nun komm der Heinden Heiland" BWV 599
Opening "Orgelbüchlein", this short melody chorale prelude comprises, with other 22, according to Stinson (ap. "Bach: The Orgelbüchlein", p.101, 1999, Oxford University Press), the middle compilation phase of the collection. This Advent chorale structures its inner voices with the help of "figura suspirationis", and evoques the feeling of a constant descending movement. The work ends up with a "tierce de picardie" (A major), perhaps eventually suggesting the completion of the process of Jesus's birth.

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