How to build a Wind Turbine with PVC Windmill Blades

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  • Playlists This short 10 minute video gives you detailed step-by-step instructions as to how to build your own cheap and cost effective Wind Turbine go to: (


The guy looks weirdly like a living, moving, Ken Doll. Anyway: I do appreciate the handy-crafty nature of making this, but really, just to charge an old 12v car battery? There are better home projects to do.
By throwaway123123 4 years ago
you can see the original version of this on the Make website here:
By 123james321 4 years ago
So...what happens when the wind direction changes? The electrical connections are only going to go so far. If the head goes 360º once or twice, something is going to have to give. Either it will end up out of the wind or break the wires. It needs a cheap brush system to transfer the power.
By aml2nd 5 years ago