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    Super Skaters


    by 90Revolutions

    Super Skaters is an advanced exercise that will help you improve balance and muscle coordination while strengthening the musculature of the lower extremities and the core muscle group. Practical Benefits: Super Skaters aides with improving muscle coordination. During that brief moments in running when your body is lightly supported by one foot, neuromuscular control kicks in to provide for a safe, efficient landing and relaunching.... over and over again. Improving the core musculature stabilizes the pelvis and protects the spine. Additionally, strong thighs provide more power. Strong gluteus medius (hip abductors) work to prevent the knees from over rotating and tilting inward which can contribute to several types of knee pain: patellofemoral syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome. Areas of Cautions: Avoid Super Skaters if you experience lower back or knee pain during or after the exercise.