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    by mirrorartsdotcom

    The unique form or art craftsmanship of Indian mirror work or cut glass mirror work was largely promoted during the mughal art era. One prominent building which has become famous was the sheesh mahal or the palace of mirrors. For centuries mirror work in India had been appreciated and this cut mirror artwork talent has been encouraged under many mughal and rajput royals. This art is also practiced as mughal mirror art or sheesh mahal mirror work. This exclusive art carries a special significance in the context of ornamenting the interiors of monumental buildings and palaces. One can find this mirror mosaics arranged in geometrical patterns or stars and floral ensembles, diamond shaped and broad entwining tendrils with floral decorations in different colored mirrors interwoven into the overall design. Cut gals mirror artwork is also greatly patronized in other countries like Thailand Singapore Malaysia china the entire middle east.