Sidelying IT Band Stretch


by 90Revolutions

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The Sidelying IT Band Stretch helps to prevent IT Band Syndrome by lengthen the IT band and the musculature that attaches to it. This stretch combined with the Piriformis/IT Band Stretch provides a safe method to lengthen the muscles that are related to this syndrome. Normal is being able to lower your top thigh below midline of the body. A small stretch should be felt on the top part of the top thigh. Be careful not to side bend your back when doing this stretch. Keep the back vertical. Practical Benefits: This exercise stretches the muscles that attach to the IT band. This reduces the tension placed upon the IT band and prevents the soft tissue friction near the location where the IT band inserts into the knee. Areas of Caution: Individuals who have undergone hip replacement, hip, or back surgery should contact an appropriate medical professional before doing this stretch.