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    Brian 'Head' Welch - Money


    par Clem

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    Projet solo de Head (album Save me from myself)
    Enjoy ! (Merci pour vos coms :))

    Look at yourself
    You can't even get to sleep
    Boy you love your wealth
    You bow down to your money
    You got what you want, but it won't get you far
    Was it what you thought? You forgot who you are
    Your wife has left you and you don't see your kid
    Now get on your knees you know who your God is

    Your god is money
    So bow down to it
    You act so funny
    Just look at yourself
    You've lost your family
    Your friends all use you
    You can't buy happiness, so
    Get down on your knees
    Bow down

    Look at yourself
    Your ticket to HELL was free
    To everyone else
    You look like your livin a dream
    Addictions have left you in your own gutter
    You can't buy your way out of this hell on earth

    Were your dreams what you always thought they'd be?

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