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    Doom Episode 1 In 10 Minutes


    by Doomguy_2000

    The Entire first episode in 10 minutes in HD. The walkthrough was a estmated total of 1:17:54 cut down to 10 minutes. My fingers were feeling numb during the whole thing I have done in one sitting. The sound will be a little off in later levels. I took some longer breaks during later levels after beating them to relax my fingers a little bit. Level times are:
    Level 1 3:26
    Level 2 6:58
    Level 3 10:04
    Level 9 9:22
    Level 4 8:59
    Level 5 10:56
    Level 6 14:03
    Level 7 11:26
    Level 8 2:38 Estimated time looking at the map

    Things to look out for in this speed run

    I didn't get all the secrets in level 5 because I just wanted to get out of here anyways. I accidentally open up the console twice while trying to get to my chainsaw. The file size of the 80 minute long video was 1.04 GB while the 10 minute video is 439 MB.