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    Review by EdwiN KOO - NewCapeGrace Guest House in IslamabaD


    by newcape

    NewCapeGrace - Best Guest House in IslamabaD

    Edwin_Koo said:

    Journalists on a limited budget should give this guesthouse a serious thought.

    Great local food, a clean and quiet environment, and 24-hour uninterrupted wifi makes for a great SOHO to work in. Situated in a high-end residential district, the rooms in this bungalow are spacious, and makes u feel almost at home. The owners speak fluent English and provide great advice, so first-timers to Islamabad will find this very useful.

    Transport can be arranged by the guesthouse to anywhere in Pakistan at a good rate. This is one guesthouse that will put long term benefits before short term gains, so u can be assured they are on YOUR side and not out to make a quick buck.

    Travellers on official business will definitely find this a gem, although super-budget backpackers who just need a crash pad should look elsewhere.
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