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    Miracle Mineral Supplement and Chlorine Dioxide

    Miracle Mineral

    by Miracle Mineral

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    Learn more about Chlorine Dioxide and MMS at Many of us probably do not know, but the chlorine dioxide molecule has been used to treat municipal water supplies for the last 60 years. It has long been known by people in the water industry that chlorine dioxide is unequalled in its ability to kill water borne pathogens. This includes Guardia, cryptosporidium, e coli and even Anthrax! The chlorine dioxide molecule is unique in its ability to break down into harmless by products after only 1 2 hours. This means no harmful residue chemicals to cause problems later. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about chlorine which is also used extensively in our water purification many of its derivatives are carcinogenic and do not break down. Its thought that the chlorine dioxide molecule works in much the same way inside The body as it does within our municipal water supply. This molecule only targets diseased tissue and pathogenic stressors within the body how can a molecule be so intelligent? It all comes down to chemistry diseased tissue and pathogenic organisms tend to be acidic in nature, therefore being electron donators. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizer, meaning that it readily accepts electrons healthy tissue and beneficial bacteria within the body luckily do not readily donate electrons! As you can see, this truly is an amazing molecule, and has proven itself time and time again against many of the major diseases we face in these modern times. Learn more about Chlorine Dioxide and MMS at