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by Jeremy Leuchtag

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Try Yours Free 60 Minutes reported that several clinical trials of resveratrol are in process. ... The 60 Minutes segment showed a picture of jar of resveratrol with the ... Wine Rx - CBS News Video Mar 5, 2009 ... Resveratrol is not the only active molecule in red wine. ... Join our growing 60 Minutes fan community on Facebook. Become a fan today! ... Resveratrol:60 Minutes | Resveratrol,is described as a naturally occurring component of red wine that can apparently extend human life.Dr. Christoph Westphal tells 60 minutes' ... resveratrol 60 minutes with mike wallace 1 of ... 60 Minutes Blunder: News Report on Resveratrol Overlooks ... Jan 31, 2009 ... 60 Minutes Blunder: News Report on Resveratrol Overlooks Longevinex(R) Which Activates More Longevity Genes than Resveratrol Red Wine ... Resveratrol 60 Minutes Report - If You Missed It Check ... Jan 27, 2009 ... 60 Minutes did a report on he research and science behind a new discovery of Resveratrol