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    Mormon Poetry #12 Happy Anniversary!

    Reid Baer

    by Reid Baer

    A Little House On The Tundra
    By Reid Baer

    It was their anniversary
    and the 9,855th morning
    together since the 17th day of June
    and here they sat
    at their 23 year old kitchen table
    across from each other

    He wore his daughter’s discarded
    pink parka with the hood
    over his downcast head
    and his face framed in the white
    fluffy trim mumbling to himself as
    he reviewed a thick library book
    including many Rumi writings

    She sat quietly in front of an empty
    cup with her legs tucked under
    a WWII dark blue tattered trench coat
    with an orange and black muffler
    from her son’s college team
    wrapped once around her neck
    and again before her mouth

    The two were already polar
    opposites when they began
    their family of four
    in the 20th century but now
    in the 21st you have to understand
    they’re in an empty frozen nest
    coping the best they can