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The Casio EX-Word XD-GF9800 contains the best Japanese-English dictionaries as well as many special features.

The ultimate tool for any student of Japanese: whatever your level is, this electronic dictionary will be a great support, without even knowing kanji (ideograms) thanks to its tactile recognition of kanji you know the meaning and pronunciation.

Special Features of this electronic dictionary

• Double-touch panel for easy operation and search.

• A stylus that can be used to write, select and scroll through the menus.

• Writing with stylus to write kanji, kana and Romaji (roman characters) and select the main entrances on both screens and move.

• With voice in Japanese: you can hear 10,000 words spoken in native Japanese.

• Cards with custom features that allow you to make your own cards to review and study.

• A new motion sensor that adjusts the text for easy reading, no matter how you turn the dictionary.

Features of Casio EX-word XD-GF9800

- 50 MB internal memory.

- New screen of 480 × 320 pixel LCD screen, 5 inches.

- Write input methods: Kana, Romaji, Korean and Russian

- Quick jump between the different dictionaries, different functions and immediate translation search.

- Handwriting recognition of Kanji.

- Encyclopedias with pictures.

- Dictionaries of proverbs, slang computing, business and economics, katakana and kanji.

- Retro lighting.

- SD card slot.

- USB port.

- Speaker and headphone output.

- Battery power: approximately 100-130 hours.

- Size: 110 x 154 mm. width 15.5 mm. height (for the thinnest section), 19.7 mm in height (for the thickest section)

- Weight: 320 g (battery included)


• One stylus

• Headphones (3.5 mm connector)

• USB Cable

• Batteries: 2 AAA batteries

Includes basic guide to management of the dictionary in English.

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