Love of Siam (English Sub) 11

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Great Young Gay Movie


love the movie but sad ending
By honey ali 3 years ago
I just hate Sunee, she can't decide what life her son wants to live. I'm so sad for Mew :(
By Melhyssa 3 years ago
I didn't even feel sorry for the mom when I saw her get slapped, and usually shit like that pisses me off. I hope they end up back together TongxMew ftw lol. ...i...i almost cried...
By Allen Isonothings 3 years ago
I know as I just commented in previous part. I want to see their romantic date, at least, just for once before they never ever be together again. I feel sorry for both of them. Tong went to the toy store to get the wooden doll for Mew on their date. Too bad, the doll was sold out, but the most painful part is their never had the chance to make it. I cry so hard when Tong called and Mew ignored the call because he has promised to Aunt Sunee.
By lilojennise 3 years ago
I know that Sunee tries to protect her son (and so her family) after what happened but it's not fair because they make a great couple in the film
By Dric85 4 years ago