Beastie Boys - Sure shot


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You can't, you won't and you don't stop
Mike d come on and rock the sure shot

I've got the brand new doo-doo guaranteed like yoo hoo
I'm on like dr john, yea mr zu zu
I'm a newlywed, not a divorcee
And everything i do is funky like lee dorsey
Well, it's the taking fo pelham, one, two, three
If you want a doodoo rhyme then come see me
I've got the savior faire with the unique rhyme and
I keep it on and on, it's never quitting time and
Strictly hand held is the style i go
Never rock the mic with the panty hose
I strap on my ear goggles and i'm ready to go
'couse at the boards is the man they call the mario
Pull up at the function and you know i kojak
To all the party people that are on my bozak
I've got more action than my man john woo
And i've got mad hits like i was rod carew

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