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    D2#12 Digital Mayhem or Salvation? - Panel WCS 2009


    par CISAC

    120 vues
    World Copyright Summit
    9-10 June 2009, Ronald Reagan Center, Washington DC, USA

    Discussion: Digital Mayhem or Salvation:
    Can Rights-Owners and Content users Find a New Way to Move Forward?

    All creative industries -- music, film, TV, books and visual arts -- are re-writing the rulebooks as their works are accessed and disseminated on the internet. What are their options? What can they learn from each other's experiences so far? Can they follow in the footsteps of the book industry and its groundbreaking deal made with Google at the end of 2008? Is the Google/book publishers/authors agreement the template for the future?

    Moderator: Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum - Americas / CEO, The Mobilium International Advisory Group
    Warren Adler, Associate National Executive Director, DGA (USA)
    Sandra Aistars, Assistant General Counsel, IP, Time Warner (USA)
    Jeremy Fabinyi, Managing Director of Mechanicals, PRS for Music (UK)
    Dr. Harald Heker, CEO, GEMA (Germany)
    Cecily Mak, Senior Counsel, Director of Music Licensing, Real Networks (USA)
    Ralph Peer, Chairman and CEO, peermusic (USA)