Abe Lyman - Do You Believe In Dreams?

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Although this is a worn copy, I dedided to share as this a lovely version of this song. Abe Lyman (1897-1957) was a popular bandleader from the 1920s to the 1940s. He made recordings, appeared in films and provided the music for numerous radio shows. Abe learned to play the drums when he was young, and at the age of 14 he had a job as a drummer in a Chicago café. Soon after that, when Abe’s nine-piece band first played at the Sunset in LA, it was a success, but the club closed. For an engagement at the Cocoanut Grove in The Ambassador Hotel on April 1, 1922, Abe added a violinist and saxophonist. The Lyman Orchestra toured Europe in 1929, appearing at the Kit Cat Club and the Palladium in London and at the Moulin Rouge and the Perroquet in Paris. Abe Lyman and his orchestra were featured in a number of early talkies. During the 1930s, the Lyman Orchestra was heard regularly on such shows as Accordiana and Waltz Time. When Lyman was 50 years old, he left the music industry and died at the age of 60. This excellent recording was made in 1926; the vocalist remained uncredited, but may well be Phil Neely.

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Genia, yes, they are questions, and after all those years we still don't have the answer to those eternal existential questions of mankind :-) I thought too that poster was ador(rr)able!
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Most welcome Ginny! So delighted you love this wonderful song.
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
Lately your song titles are questions. :-)
I believe in Romantic Dreams when STARRRRRRRRRRS appear and
I believe in Love at First Sight! I love the poster with the Lovers, I love the beautiful dreamy melody and I think the lyrics are so romantic and I absolutely adore the way Phil Neely ? rolls those RRRRRRs STARRRRRRRRS! This is the most perfect song to fall asleep to and dream romantic dreams. Merci.
Par Genia il y a 5 ans
Patrick, An absolute delight! Thank you!
Par Ginny Karyn (gigi129) il y a 5 ans
Corrie, so glad you liked this version!
Par kspm0220s il y a 5 ans
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