Stop in disparuts, do not forget Remy SALAZARD

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SALAZARD Remy, 18, took the train on 8 August 1989 with a relationship to go in Anglet on the Basque coast, for a camping holiday. His mother at the train station Matabiau in Toulouse. She will be no news of her son. Prior on 26 August, the date set for the return of Rémy, she said her disappearance to the police who refused, on several occasions to consider his request. It repeats several times his approach and it is only in the month of November only a search procedure in the interest of families (RIF) is finally called. Despite the detailed facts and names of persons concerned by the disappearance of Remy, the request for investigation was denied by the prosecution, claiming that he was acting a loss in 2001 on volontaire.finalement initiate an investigation to disappear and the file is closed without further action in 2008. research of the family in Spain about the middle of drugs and male prostitution. Stop with the oversight, it is fighting for his case be reopened and that investigations are conducted around the disappearance of his son. Why the police she refused several times to take into account the request of the mother of Rémy, he worked at the time of his disappearance for a canvassing company also located in the neighborhood of prostitution?

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