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BOLLYDANCE Superstars on "LATE LATE SHOW" - RTE1 (Ireland)

il y a 9 ans6.7K views


“Magic Journey”

Info or booking request, please contact Adel on +33 6 1236 1045 / +353 85 754 58 78

In a vibrant show alive with a thousand and one colours, “Bollydance Allstars” transports you in song, music and dance to the magical,voluptuous and enchanting atmosphere of Egypt & India!

Come and revel in this spectacular 2-hour extravaganza, with more than 20 performers live on stage, featuring exotic belly dancers, an
exuberant Bollywood dance troupe, ethnic musicians, impactful percussionists, melodious singers, a variety of distinctive dances, a mind-blowing array of costumes …

“An electric, festive and vibrant show which celebrates the sharing and artistic richness of the marvellous East.”

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BOLLYDANCE Superstars on "LATE LATE SHOW" - RTE1 (Ireland)
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