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    D2#04 Taking Copyright Issues Global - Panel WCS 2009


    par CISAC

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    World Copyright Summit
    9-10 June 2009, Ronald Reagan Center, Washington DC, USA

    Discussion: Taking Copyright Issues Global

    Copyright systems around the world function in disharmony due to varying legal philosophies and practices in place. How does this affect rights holders and does it have an impact on the development of legal services? And how can the world work in a more harmonious way? The panel of experts discusses whether the world is heading towards greater cooperation on copyright issues and harmonization of copyright legislation, and what would be the steps required to achieve these goals.

    Moderator: Susan Butler, Executive Editor, Music Confidential (USA)
    Fritz E. Attaway, Executive Vice President, Special policy advisor, MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America (USA)
    Eduardo Bautista, President of the Management Board, SGAE (Spain)
    Michael Keplinger, Deputy Director General, WIPO (Switzerland)
    Susan Mann, Senior Director, Intellectual Property Policy, Microsoft Corporation (USA)
    Ralph Oman, Professor of Intellectual Property and Patent Law, George Washington University (USA)
    Marybeth Peters, US Register of Copyright, US Copyright Office (USA)
    Feargal Sharkey, CEO, UK Music (UK)