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World Copyright Summit
9-10 June 2009, Ronald Reagan Center, Washington DC, USA

Keynote: The Internet, a favored means of delivery for the creative industries: the “Creation and Internet” Law and the French approach

With a vibrant cultural scene, France has a long tradition of supporting creators and the creative industries through funding, the legislation on authors’ rights and proactive policies in favor of independent production. Reflecting the same commitment to defending cultural diversity, France has become the first country in the West to adopt a law designed to tackle piracy of creative works on the Internet in a holistic manner: firstly, by organizing cooperation between the creative industries and ISPs to introduce educational and graduated measures to dissuade and penalize pirates; secondly, by encouraging the development of legitimate offerings of creative content on the Internet which are more attractive to consumers. Christine Albanel, the French Government Minister of Culture and Communications, will reveal the foundations of the French approach and explain how the Creation and Internet Law forms part of a comprehensive vision for the future of the creative industries.

Christine Albanel, Minister of Culture and Communication (France)
Message read by Pierre Vimont, Ambassador of France in Washington

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