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    1999 Playboy Back Issues


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    Covers of the 1999 Playboy Magazine back issues available at

    Models and Celebrities featured in these issues include: Stars of the Century, Cheerleaders, Pamela Anderson, Cindy Guyer, The Girls of KISS, Rena Mero (aka Sable of the WWF), Charlize Theron, Heather Kozar, Pussycat Dolls, Karen Finely, Girls of Hawaiian Tropic, Nell McAndrew, Shannon Elizabeth, Denise Luna, Claudia Christian, Stars 1999, and Naomi Campbell.

    Playboy Playmates include: Jaime Bergman, Stacy Marie Fuson, Alexandria Karlsen, Natalia Sokolova, Tishara Cousino, Kimberly Spicer, Jennifer Rovero, Rebecca Scott, Kristi Cline, Jodi Ann Paterson, Cara Wakelin, Brooke Richards.