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    800-Mile Walk To DC (3 of 4)


    by neverknwo

    Kurt Kallenbach is walking 800 miles to join with others in Washington, DC, to show his concern for the direction of the country. Debbie followed in a vehicle close behind with food, clothing and other amenities. Kallenbach said he decided six weeks ago that he wanted to start the journey with Debbie and began training by walking each day. They left from their Rockford home May 30. They will journey through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, before arriving in Washington, DC. He said he wants to remind people along his walk that they have a real say in their futures. He plans to present a letter of thanks to President Barack Obama that reminds leaders in Washington that they will be held accountable by those who elect them. "Due to the political assault on the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and individual rights, I have decided to take a walk from my house in Rockford to Washington, DC," Kallenbach said. Kallenbach said he is self-employed and founded Squared Away Golf. The company sells a golf alignment device for golfers. Debbie said she is supportive of her husband's decision to walk to Washington. "I thought it was a fine idea because someone has to do it and stand up for our country," Debbie said. Kallenbach said he has met many interesting people along the way. One person even stopped to give him $10, and a Harley dealer took Kurt and Debbie in for the night. Kallenbach's Web site is This report made by never know Kallenbach, 48, and his wife, Debbie, both of Rockford, Ill., began their 800-mile trip to Washington, DC, May 30. They stayed at Hoffman Lakes Campground Sunday and Monday night and continued their journey to Fort Wayne today. Kurt and Debbie have been staying at campsites along the way. I met with Kurt and Debbie last night at our local Campaign for Liberty weekly meet up group and after dinner, kurt gave us a rant that I captured for those who wanted to meet with and hear what he has to say.