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    A Dream - Song for Drella


    per beckirebecca

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    and anyway I felt really bad
    and didn't want to talk to anybody

    But the snowflakes were so beautiful
    and real looking
    and I really wanted to hold them
    And that's when I heard the voices
    from down the hall near the stairs
    So I got a flashlight
    and I was scared
    and I went out into the hallway
    There's been all kinds of trouble
    lately in the neighborhood
    and someone's got to bring home the bacon
    and anyway there were Brigid and Billy playing

    And under the staircase
    was a little meadow sort
    of like the park at 23rd street
    where all the young kids go and play frisbee
    Gee, that must be fun
    maybe we should do an article
    on that in the magazine
    but they'll just tell me
    I'm stupid and it won't sell
    But I'll hold my ground this time, I mean
    it's my magazine, isn't it?
    Di beckirebecca7 anni fa