Fed up with Green Day! (RANT!) (outdated)

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Ronnie Dixon
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This is my rant of Green Day's new album, featuring my view of Green Day being on the front cover of "Guitar World" Magazine.


Dude ur an idiot. U don't no crap about anything musical. If anything guitar worl has finally found a good cover. O and wats this shit about jimi Hendrix having only a little talent. I bet u don't even play. For ur own personal health I advise that u actually listen to the best band in the world, green day. Metallica just screams about random shit. Green day has songs that mean somehing and the touch a lot of people ( myself included) in a way u just can't describe. Any true green day fan will tell you that every song has change there lives and made them a better person. Now go home to ur mommie ( who's probably making u ur Dora the explorer mac and cheese) and tell her to instead of putting a magazine on ur bed, to put a green day album so u can fnally live for the first time.
By goldgymbros 5 years ago
em, how can you say that talented people like Metallica (?) havnt sold out, when they have been on the cover of GuitarWorld, but Greenday have? I dont think Metallica are any good, but i dont make a vid about it. How have Guitarworld sold out? For having Greenday on it? Lol. All you seem to do in this video is say how much you dont like Greenday, and how there in a genre of music, well done, so are metallica. Also, if you think Greenday arent musical, you have SERIOUS problems.
By Keir Fletcher 5 years ago