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    LED 252 3 part 13 Chanel DMX Mega Bar by N F I RGB color Mix


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    The NFI 252 LED Mega Strip Bar is a batten-type LED fixture at just over a meter long.

    The unit features 252 ultra bright LEDs divided into three segments. You can control each segment individually as control the entire bar as one.

    The dynamic capabilities allow a vibrant new series of effects to be created within the unit and especially on multiples + washes are typical

    There are Thirteen (13) DMX Channels, allowing control over each sections individual RGB, plus overall RGB Dimming.

    The LED Mega Strip Bar also strobes and the on board dimmer allow accurate electronic control of the light output. In addition to DMX control the LED Strip has on board sound activation, on board macros for standalone use (colours, fades, chases, sound activation etc) or it can be used in master slave mode in conjunction with other units. Used in multiples, the LED Strip can create dramatic scenes of colour changing wash, Fades, Chases and runways.

    The LEDs have a low power draw, can be daisy chained, operated via onboard macros, sound activation or DMX. Alloy mounting hardware is included. The diodes have a lifespan of about 100,000 hours

    The 14 channel DMX allocation allows each color in each segment to be individually controlled (see DMX allocation) +

    The LED BAR can be set up to strobe and the onboard dimmer allows accurate electronic control of the light output.

    • Onboard pre set chase programs, fades, sound activation; solid color selection can be manually selected using dip switch settings

    • The throw is between 10-15 meters. Please use the chart for output per distance

    • 35°

    • Digital DMX via LED Panel

    • Can be used alone or in multiples with inbuilt DMX ports and power linking

    • RGB Color Mixing (16.7 Million) Via DMX

    • Includes mounting hardware

    • Manufactured to IP65

    Contact NFI
    USA 310-598-8413
    UK 020-8002-9884
    AU 03-90125249