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    Restoration of Gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith


    by DefendingMormonism

    TO ALL INVESTIGATORS of Mormonism: I promise that God will answer your prayers and let you know through the undeniable power of the Holy Spirit that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is true!

    Those who tell you otherwise have been deceived by Satan himself or are intentionally leading you astray!

    TO ALL MEMBERS of the LDS Church: I promise that as you bear testimony of Joseph Smith's prophetic mission and the truths that were restored through him, you will be blessed with happiness and lives will be changed for the better!

    TO ALL CRITICS and so-called ANTI-MORMONS: Know that God loves you. He waits with outstretched arms to receive you and bless you with the Spirit of God in your life.

    If you insist on attacking the Church, leading away its members with cynicism and antagonism, and angrily destroy the spirituality and innocence of those around you - you will be held accountable for your actions by the Lord God Himself, will not find peace in this life, and will be left to yourself with the distance between you and God growing daily. It need not be this way. You can always change.

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    Excerpt of talk by Elder Neal A Maxwell in October 2003 given at the Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held at the Conference Center in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Music: Arrangement of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" by Jonathan Chan.

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