Alex Wright vs. Ric Flair Pt.2

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Alex Wright vs. Ric Flair Pt.2


love the chest chops
By alexwrightfan 6 years ago
These two always had good matches.
By TSteck160 6 years ago
The one where it ended in some dirt area and Holly had to wrap Snow in a fence for the pinfall....I believe it's from St. Valentine's Day's considered one of the best Hardcore matches to not be hosted in either ECW or FMW back in the 90's and I've never seen it in it's entirety...from entrances to ending...This would be much apprecietted if it could be uploaded please
By Safegaurd 6 years ago
They had a few matches, which match in particular are you looking for?
By Stinger1981 6 years ago
Hey I tried to leave a comment on your profile page but I couldn't figure out how to. Your videos are great and very much apprecietted. You seem to have everything and the one thing I can't seem to find anywhere which I really wanna watch was the WWF Hardcore Title Match between Hardcore Holly and Al Snow in full....If you have it could you PLEASE upload I'd be in your debt forever (even though you don't know me lol)
By Safegaurd 6 years ago