Yakko in Christmas plotz


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me encanta...
Let me know when those costumes get heavy! Rowrr!!!
es muy tierrrno!

Yakko: Relax! Chill out! Forget About Your cares! (spoken) This is a man who knows what he wants -- he's also a man NOBODY wants!

Yakko: Come on It's time For you To climb These stairs! (spoken) You got a good head on your shoulders, Plotz -- too bad you haven't got a neck!

Yakko: Show 'em what you can do
Plotz: (spoken) This is stupid!
Yakko: (sung) The Future is waiting for you
Plotz: (spoken) Leave me alone!
Yakko: (sung) Come on Plotz, 'Cause you've got lots To see before we're through!

Girls: He's a dream Hear us scream His name: PLOTZ!!! Had no fun And he's the one to blame!
Yakko: (spoken) Helloooo, nurses! Say, why don't you stop by the water tower and I'll show you my stamp collection!
Girl : But Yakko, you don't have a stamp collection.
Yakko: All right, then; you can open my mail.

Girls: There's nothing he can't do!
Yakko: (spoken) They're crazy about me!
Girls: (sung) He's handsome; yes it's true!
Yakko: (spoken) Let me know when those costumes get heavy! Rowrr!
Y Gs : (sung) Come on Plotz, 'Cause you've lots To see Be- fore We're
Yakko: (spoken) You know what I like about you, Plotz? [nudge] Absolutely nothing!
Plotz: (falling) AAAHHHHHHH!!!
Y Gs : (sung) Through!!!

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