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    QSC K8, K10, K12 2 Way 1000 Watt Speaker Tilt Direct Feature


    by agiprodj

    675 views 866-PRO-MIXX (776-6499) DJ Ty Shows us the Tilt Direct feature on the new QSC K8, K10 and K12 1000 watt powered loudspeaker line. The tilt direct feature is QSC only. Is easy as a flick of the wrist and you have changed the configuration of the pole mount cup on the bottom of your K8 K10 or K12 from 0 degrees, to a 7.5 fegree down angle - pointing more of the energy (sound) at your dancefloor instead of the walls. are specialists on the K8, K10, K12 and KSUB powered speaker line new from QSC. Instant Message, Call Toll Free or Email us for more information! We're here to help!