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"The Illuminati crown Obama in secret in ancient Egypt." http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/04/obama-tours-pyramids-five_n_211371.html President Obama went out to see the Pyramids before breakfast. He insisted on walking down the path leading to the Great Sphinx of Giza on his own, and stopped to admire it demonstratively as cameramen and bodyguards stood around, some yawning, rubbing their tired eyes. The sun burned down on the yellow flats of sand but as soon as President Obama walked down the steps into the tomb of Kar, he had to pause and stop to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness. A silhouette moved. The tour guide wearing a wide brimmed hat stepped forward and, smiling, escorted him through the narrow passage ways. Blinking Obama saw statues and hieroglyphs. Hey, isnt there a hieroglyph here of a guy with big ears who looks just like me? he asked, trying to sound casual, confused by the multiplicity of complex patterns and symbolic forms surrounding him, and feeling uncomfortable in the atmosphere of pure silence. The guide, who had been well paid, knew what to say. The spitting image! he cried. I said two years ago, you are the incarnation of an ancient Egyptian king. Two years ago, no one had heard of Obama in the US let alone in Egypt. Obama had been a junior senator but Obama did not question the guide. Satisfied, he stood and observed the hieroglyph, dreaming of a glorious future when he, dressed in the robes of a Pharaoh, wearing a crown, ruled over the four corners of the world. As his entourage approached cautiously, he stretched out his hand and pointed at the hieroglyph. The guide says, this guy looks just like me and Im the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian king. The white of several pairs of eyes flashed in the half darkness. Havent we always been saying that? replied a honeyed voice. Yes, Obama thought to himself straightening himself and puffing out his chest. I am the chosen one, chosen by the pharaoh Kar to be his reincarnation. In a vision, Kar saw ...