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    William Patrick, D-Day veteran


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    The father has landed here in June 44, his son has been coming with him to Colleville for 15 years, initially out of devotion, then out of artistic interest.

    A Photograph exhibition displays a series of portraits, William Patrick of course and unsung heroes who landed in Normandy.

    Amongst the many visitors at the “Invalides” museum, general Bresse, the Army Museum’s director, who also experienced combat and witnessed the transformation of ordinary people into unsung heroes.

    Back to Colleville, the most sacred spot for William is James Douglas’ grave His schools buddy from Oklahoma before the war.

    William, the survivor, and faithful comrade receives an unexpected homage then, from a French teacher visiting with Colleville.

    Tomorrow this unsung hero will receive another homage near the Photograph exhibition, the Legion of Honor, here in the “Invalides” Museum’s courtyard 65 years after the D-Day landing.