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    MetroFord Child Safety: Automotive Marketing and Advertising


    by PotratzAutomotive

    55 views Interested in out-of-the-box ways to advertise your car dealership? Watch this coverage for a recent event at MetroFord car dealership in Schenectady NY! With the current state of our economy, it is now, more than ever, a huge struggle to reach out to potential customers. Potratz Partners, located in the Schenectady, Albany, NY region, is an automotive advertising agency that produces numerous print and video advertisements every day, to help get their customers known. Potratz also uses social media to reinforce the car dealers brands, slogans, and identities, which gives them a competitive edge. As Potratz has experience dealing with automotive advertising and automotive marketing, it is now easier to connect with car buyers at a more affordable price. Learn more about marketing in the automotive segment: