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Terri Phan
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Air on Dec.14,2007

This is a longer interview for Little DJ. The first part is the overview of the whole movie. :D

Interviewer first asks Kamiki how does he tell the girl he like his feelings, which he reply, by letter. Kamiki never tell anyone directly he like them. Then Fukuda was asked if she ever receive a love letter before. After much thinking, she answers yes, but doesn't remember the contents.

Second question, they talk about how Tamaki was older than Tarou, but Fukuda is actually younger than Kamiki. So they asks which does he prefer, someone older or younger. Kamiki said he's still 2nd year middle school student so he doesn't know.

They begins talking about the scenes where Tamaki joins Tarou and listen to the radio together, Kamiki talks about how nervous he was for that scene, also noting that the expressions are real. Fukuda, on the other hand, wasn't really nervous at all.

Last, they ask where they would like to go for Christmas. Kamiki said where there are stars or Christmas lights. Fukuda answered where there are beautiful Christmas light. The interviewer suggests them to invite each other. Kamiki turns to Fukuda and note that it's going to be cold, in which Fukuda rejects since it is cold. (lol)

These two are totally adorable.

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