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    Visteon workers fight for a better deal


    by WORLDwrite

    As Britain heads deeper into recession and unemployment rises, this WORLDbytes report is a timely example of a group of workers at a car-parts manufacturing company who decided to take matters into their own hands and not accept a derisory redundancy deal. WORLDbytes reporter Luke Gittos interviews workers and supporters directly after they leave the occupation at the Visteon plant in Enfield. The report captures the mood at the time: a great uncertainty about what the future holds, yet a demonstration of the hope and defiance that ultimately led Visteon bosses to meet their demands. As Paul Walker, a young father who worked at the plant for 21 years, explains: “We’re here for justice. We’re here for ourselves. We were all there for each other and we kept each other strong. I think something good will come out of all this.”