Space mysteries: NASA's secret UFO footage?

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NASA's cameras have captured thousands of hours of footage in space - can every UFO be explained away as 'space debris'?


By Richard Burton 2 years ago
Peoples who keeps idiots a peoples who believes to Ufos are funny though, sorry dont wanna be a dickhead but just my opinion. Its even pretty possible that Ufos created this Universe and peoples. They moved the DNAs and makes a human and animals with mixing them amongst. They are light year intelligent than/as peoples. I hope this world dont get destroyed, there is some dangers i know and i have read my book, some biiig asteroid from space can to hit to us planet if do happen an accident. Space is so so so big place, there is somewhere the end for whole space because nothing can be aged.
By juha82 3 years ago
I do wanna fly in space some day.
By ss_m007 3 years ago
ftw ..i feel lonely though.. ..
By Fahima102 3 years ago
omg i hate aliens x
By ellie2202 3 years ago
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