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    Mystérieux Crash du VOL 447


    par the-pho3nix

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    BREAKING News 447 Flight CRASH : French Military pilots on the same Area didn't found ANY debri !

    Vidéo de incroyableverite.

    HUGE MISTERY : French Air Force on that Area didn't find "debris", NOTHING ! after the speech of the Brasilian Defense Minister, France Air Force sent very quickly Military planes with radars, infra-red, night and micro-wave camera exacly in the SAME Area indicated by Brasil.
    The Brasilian Pilot seen a "5 kilometres long Area full of plane debris" ?...Listen the French military Pilots :"Weird ! Can't understand : NOTHING ! not even a little piece of wood up-there !"
    By the way two other Brasilians Civil Pilots affirm that night, exacly at 4 a.m., when AF 447 disapear, they've seen " some weird orange bright lights flying very low over the Ocean"!
    What this could be? The MYSTERY is not over.
    Hope you understand few french so...that's become so HUGE .

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