Undercover with the BNP


by DontPanicOnline

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,yeeeouu it`s fantastic & cool :)
By abbyn8m 5 years ago
Think the mistake at the end there was to capitalise the words on the last sentence "VOTE BNP".

I voted for NO2EU - YES TO DEMOCRACY. Why?... because it sounded the funniest I'm afraid
By Couchpotatoe 6 years ago
Guys I got to be honest. I am Pure British, tax payer, born here and I don't care if you call me a paki. I bet you that no member of BNP will want to be treated lower or discriminated when they go to other countries, so why treat me different. I fear if they came in power, they will refuse hospital treatment for my children even if they were critically ill. (Thanks to BNP, everyone hates british whichever country you go to, what goes around comes around, I am not just saying it, Its a fact. These retards are giving bad image to all of us.)
By d 6 years ago
this is what i wanted to hear , they got my vote becasue of this video . cheers boys. ps try living in luton and not wanting to vote for them , its alright for you pratts in your posh suburbs . you dont have to watch our soldiers being mocked and taunted by fucking muslims , on what was supposed to be their proudest day . people like you are why this country has been brought to its knees , just allowing millions of foreigners to stretch or nhs and jobs to the limits . if your seeking asylum you should stop at the first safe country you come to , so why do they pass all others to get here?
By gooneruk123 6 years ago
im jewish
if the BNP come to power i will personally lead an uprising of ethnic minorities and kill all of them.
anyone wanna join?
By Josh58 6 years ago
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