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    Send Me Your Facepalms (READ DESCRIPTION)


    by C0ct0pusMirror

    to make it easier on me, please submit your facepalm following these steps...
    1. record a short clip of your facepalm (high quality is better, as i'll have to render it).
    2. if possible, add your own slap/smack sound effect.
    3. either use megaupload and send me the link OR upload the video to youtube, title it 'facepalm', set it to private (viewable only by me), and send it to me. once i've seen it, i'll rate it so you know (then you can delete it or leave it up, your choice), OR you can send it via email (subject: facepalm and your screen name) to
    4. look forward to seeing your facepalm in an upcoming video :)

    don't forget to support the facepalm!

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